June 7, 2007

things that make your jaw drop

1. Giuliani appears to be saying that Iran already has nuclear weapons. There's kind of nothing to say about that, other than "ARE YOU INSANE?" What remotely responsible person would say that WHILE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT? Anyone who is that out of touch with reality should be nowhere near the controls of the VERY REAL United States nuclear arsenal.

2. 100.3 Da Beat played this song while I was driving home today. Consumer lesbianism to the max. If you find yourself discussing it, please note that it is not by T-Pain, but rather by Ray L, who is on the same record label and has a very similar voice and sound. I might have something to say about mass-production if my brain hadn't just been fried by "I'd rather just join in, keep my girl and keep the other one too." BECAUSE WOMEN ARE POSSESSIONS. And lesbians? What they really want is YOUR DICK.

We are experimenting with capital letters. BECAUSE WE ARE ANGRY.

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