May 10, 2008

McCain Watch 2008: the beginning

Having said that McCain does a stupid thing every week, I'm going to post the ones I hear about. I'm betting it'll be one a week easy.

This week: McCain allies himself with another lobbyist, this time one whose lobbying firm got $348,000 from Burma's military government in 2002. Not that McCain of all people has any reason to know that military prison in Southeast Asia is no fun. Or that Burma/Myanmar's junta is in the news this week for obstructing and diverting aid that could prevent tens of thousands of people dying in the post-cyclone catastrophe.

As hilzoy at Obsidian Wings says, "You have to admire not just the McCain campaign's tin ear, but their impeccable sense of timing." All you need for an ad is the Newsweek headline: "McCain's Convention Chair Worked for Burma's Military Junta."

The Democrats have an extraordinary knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but at least they have plenty to work with.

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