April 14, 2008


"Hillary Clinton is not an attractive personality for a lot of people," said O'Brien, who noted that it's "very convenient that the same people who have a sense of discomfort with female authority they prefer not to examine" also object to her personality and record in specific terms, an antipathy they feel comfortable voicing. "What you get," said O'Brien, "is the energy of the first expressed in words of the second." (from Salon.)


ivoted said...

I marveled at what an election Hillary vs. Condoleeza Rice would be. When she announced her candidacy I was really excited. "What a great time to be alive!" I thought. But I just favor Obama. It would be nice if they could both be president on some kind of joint partnership. And John Edwards could be the vice, so in the event that one dies or resigns, then Edwards would be co-president.

ivoted said...

I do know at least one straight male who voted for Hillary: My dad. My dad also thought Huckabee wouldn't be a bad choice.

I have also heard of people saying they would move to Canada if Hillary wins which was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. Our generation used that threat for Bush, we can't use it against Hillary! Duh.

Honestly though, if Hillary does end up winning the nomination, I just have faith that Obama supporters will vote for her out of unity against the republicans. I dunno.

nori said...

ivoted, I've talked to a surprising number of people for whom it's Obama v. McCain -- no Clinton in the equation. They like Obama's character, charisma, or something (I bet this group largely overlaps with the group who voted for W. because they'd "like to have a beer with him"); they don't like Clinton's (for reasons I largely think Laurel & Salon nailed on the head, above); they'd vote for McCain if Clinton won the nomination. It's not my logic, but I've heard it expressed from a shocking number of people.