July 2, 2009

other priorities

I have to let you know that this blog is just not at the top of my list right now. I've been thinking of a post on Shop Class as Soulcraft, another one about the community center in my neighborhood that used to be a church, plus a couple others I started writing a while ago. But in the rest of my life, I just packed up everything I own in the city I've lived in for 6 years (plus the preceding 4 in the metro area for college). We sold our furniture, cleaned the apartment, put the belongings that won't be useful for camping in storage, and drove out of town.

I'm on the first leg of a 5000 mile, six week road trip in the company of the Gardener, an elderly Volvo station wagon with a busted odometer, and a small mountain of our joint possessions. (The car's possessions include fuses, baling wire, motor oil, and retired climbing rope.) Right now I'm at my grandmother's. This weekend might see some writing - after I leave my parents' house, though, I have no idea when I'll have internet. Just so you're all forewarned out there.

The upside, which I must admit is better for me than for you, is that I think this trip is going to be AWESOME.

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