January 27, 2009

I mean

yes, Beyonce's "Single Ladies" "celebrates the oppressive power dynamic that exists between men and women, while simultaneously trying to imply that women can utilize the subordinate position in a heterosexual romantic relationship to empower themselves." That is undeniably true.

Also true: the video is based on Bob Fosse choreography, which is kind of amazing. And it's a great fucking dance song, especially if you happen to encounter it at a queer dance party. Nothing quite like dancing to oppressive heteronormativity in a bubble tea restaurant/bar crammed with dykes. Actually, there's another opportunity to do that this weekend, for those who live around here.


kt said...

We were playing that song at least daily recently at the yarn store -- though at one point I said something idly about how creepy the content of the song actually was, and was met with confusion and blank stares, and just... uh... never... mind?

It sure is danceable!

nori said...

Word. That's exactly how I feel about the song. And dude, how about all those people on youtube who have posted videos of themselves doing it? Awesome.