July 30, 2008

school of no: pyramids campus

The tourist hassle at the Pyramids is intense.

"Excuse me madame! Hello madame! Excuse me! Hey!"

Don't look don't look don't look.

"Would you like to buy a postcard/headdress/miniature pyramid/scarf/sphinx/camel ride/horse ride?"

La' shukran (no thank you).

"Maybe next time?"

La' shukran.

Direct methods have failed. Next tactic: pretend to be friends.

"Where are you from?"


"I love America!"


"You look Egyptian."

Raised eyebrow.

Eventually I just started saying, "Soy de España." Luckily none of them spoke Spanish.

I almost didn't go to the Pyramids, because it seemed like a hassle (which it wasn't, really). But then I realized they're the Pyramids. So I went. And dude. They're pretty damn cool. Also, the boat museum there is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Seriously. Out of control. And it's just one boat.


Frank said...

You're lucky they bought your Spanish. When I was at Giza my travel partner and I tried to pass ourselves off as Russian (because we both know Russian and that way could finish the conversation we had been having). The ice-water hawkers just as seamlessly switched to Russian as well. Foiled.

The best thing we heard at the Pyramids was "Have me sex Shakira Shakira." From an otherwise adorable kid who was maybe 5. That might have been better than the boat.

North said...

I picked Spanish because people kept asking me if I spoke English or French, and I'd overheard some Italians there already.

You think saying "Have me sex Shakira Shakira" isn't adorable?