February 26, 2008

someone is wrong on the internet

I managed to get myself involved in one of those irritating blog-comment arguments over on I Blame the Patriarchy. I was defending the idea that it was possible to make an ethically informed decision to eat meat. If you want to read the stuff I said, I'm North. It's a perfect example of this phenomenon.

It's funny how, in this kind of argument, people act like family farms just don't exist. They're gone! Jude Becker, Joel Salatin, and the Fishers are a myth! Your only options are mass-produced meat or mass-produced vegetarianism!

That would be depressing. Luckily it's not true, and the more people remember it's not true, the less true it is. Like fairies.


Suzz said...

although i've been engaging with you in the irritating blog-debate over at twisty's, i have to admit that it gave me a moment of warm-fuzzy when i saw that you read xkcd. i myself related the same comic to the same thread. although it doesn't really matter, and you won't really care, my anonymous and entirely irrelevant opinion of anonymous you has been boosted. although it needed no real boosting; you are well-composed and debate well, and have a thankfully non(in)flammatory style.

North said...

xkcd is rad.

I'm honestly not irritated with you, because we've been talking in good faith.

Also, of course I care what people think! Why else would I argue with them on the internet?

Casey said...

It was an irritating thread to read, but I thought you were great.

Narya said...

Hey, I liked your comments, too--I opted out of commenting over there (I think; I may have thrown in two cents early on) because there seemed to be little true interest in exploring.