January 13, 2008

what to eat, #5

Our cooking gas got cut off last Thursday and didn't come back on until a week later (long story involving some confusion about the lease and a gas leak), so we were eating whatever we could make in a toaster oven, electric water boiler, and mini food processor. This is one of the tastier meals. Mostly we ate frozen pot pies.

Black Bean and Goat Cheese dip
black beans
garlic goat cheese (or chevre + raw or roasted garlic)
sundried tomatoes (oven dried in this case, from the summer's adventure with a case of seconds)
chopped parsley
bread and vegetables for dipping (pepper, fennel, carrot, spinach leaves...)

Heat water in the electric water boiler. Pour it over the dried tomatoes and let them steep a few minutes.

Dump black beans, goat cheese, garlic, and tomatoes in the food processor. Whirl. Taste. Add more of anything it needs more of. Don't add the tomato liquid, because you'll make the dip too soupy.

Add parsley and whirl a tiny bit.

Toast some bread. Eat the dip with toast and sliced vegetables.

Note that this recipe is completely independent of the stove if you use either canned beans or a slow-cooker.

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