April 22, 2007

dinner at Loud

Dinner: Whole-grain spelt crepes with Oley Valley oyster and shiitake mushrooms and Mother Earth yellow oyster mushrooms, local nettles, and Valley Shepherd cave-aged sheep's-milk cheese.

Intermission: summer fruit sauce made with maple and rose-geranium sugars.

Dessert: Bassett's coffee ice cream with Nutella.

Wine: Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Dry Riesling.

It was even better than it sounds. And here's our scorecard:

Local (within 100 miles)
Mushrooms, nettles, rosemary, sage, onions, eggs, butter, cheese, strawberries and peaches from the freezer, maple sugar, rose geranium

Partly local (regionally produced or made by a local business from not-local ingredients)
ice cream, spelt flour

Not local
Sugar, salt, olive oil, wine, Nutella, one tablespoon of soy milk


amelia said...

i can't believe you actually conversed through (part of) the making of that! holy shite! also, wow, i wish i ate with you more often. for so many reasons.

North said...

The awesome thing is that it was really easy to make. It's all about the ingredients.

I wish you ate with me more often too.