August 16, 2005

public service announcement

I am not a Jedi, much as I would like to be. I am not English, Irish, German, French, or "from the islands." I do not have an accent. I am not gay. I am not straight. I do work too much, but I am not interested in hearing about it from 16-year-olds. I am not from New York City. I am not in my early thirties. I am not seventeen. I do not eat meat. I am neither an anarchist nor a communist, nor am I a hipster. I am not a ninja, the Terminator, or your mom. Especially not if you're 40.


ehj2 said...

Well, you're a masterful writer. Which, at the level you play, makes you a kind of wizard.

Words and the nuanced dance of articulate meanings are the alchemy of our time. So you're an alchemist.

And you can build (in a handful of moments) any edifice you want; so you're a kind of architect.

But just sign yourself "writer." Those of us who've been around will know exactly what you mean.


Anonymous said...

i totally thought you were french!!

job opportunitya said...
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