June 22, 2005

reasons to ride your bike

1. Bike seats don't stick to your back when it's way too hot and way too humid.

2. Being outside is better than being in a big metal box.

3. You're not spewing greenhouse gases into the air or supporting authoritarian states and repressive corporations.

4. $100 for a decent used bike, $50 for a lock, $30 for a helmet. What kind of car will you get for $180? What kind of insurance?

5. You can ride fast if you want exercise, slow if you just want a little air.

6. All the other bicyclists will be happy you're there, making us all more visible.

7. When the oil-based economy collapses, you'll be a step ahead.

8. You become 35% more attractive. You get 45% for riding the bike, but you lose twenty points on the chance that you're a member of some stupid hipster/poser/anarcho-punk subculture. Then you get ten of those points back for wearing a helmet, which suggests that even if you're a stupid hipster/poser/anarcho-punk you have some kind of sense; but not all the points, because helmets are still doofy. Even better, you can be more attractive in whatever style you like. European single-speed doing the grocery shopping with a basket and some baguette; tough fearless bike messenger moving way too fast; cute interesting person going to a non-profit; teacher with a backpack full of books; hipster/poser/anarcho-punk; you're still 35% more attractive.

9. In San Francisco, you start at 60% more attractive, and go from there. Gets you all the way to 50%.


Bombazine Ba'al said...

Huffy's pretty damn repressive.

North said...

Yeah, but you put in your $80 and you're done. Compared with a car you're kicking ass on the not-supporting-repressive-corporations tip.