February 27, 2005

30 things

With that melodrama out of the way, allow me to further undermine my illusions that this isn't really a blog. Courtesy of a variety of people linked to by New Kid on the Hallway, ten things I've done that you probably haven't.
1. Paddled a canoe in the Arctic Ocean.
2. Testified before a joint session of my state legislature.
3. Skipped a grade.
4. Had sex in my professor's bed, but not with my professor.
5. Dug a snow cave.
6. Packed pomegranates in my lunch in high school.
7. Spontaneously sung She Has a Girlfriend Now (by Reel Big Fish) with three other people on the exact middle step of a tower in a monastery in Ukraine.
8. Worked as a professional bread baker.
9. Slept in a treehouse in a city park.
10. Gotten a vibrator as a birthday present from my aunt.

And ten things I haven't done that you probably have.
1. Gotten stitches. I'm lucky.
2. Broken a bone. Still lucky.
3. Seen any of this year's Best Picture nominees.
4. Been to therapy voluntarily on my own, not counting visiting family members in residential treatment or that time when I was 13 when my parents made me go.
5. Gone without health insurance.
6. Had a membership in a private health club (if the Y doesn't count, which I don't think it does).
7. Eaten pepperoni pizza.
8. Been in a theater production of any sort after elementary school.
9. Changed the color of my hair in any way.
10. Gone without a bra for more than, like, 10 minutes after I got up.

Finally, ten things about me which seem improbable.
1. I used to take aerobics classes. At 6 am.
2. I really like Cheetos.
3. Once in a very great while, I can sing very nice, non-standard harmonies that I make up on the fly.
4. I don't really know how to sharpen knives.
5. I used to teach pottery classes. (Was I qualified? Absolutely not. Were there other options? Not really.)
6. I hate broccoli.
7. I have a stylist. She lives in my hometown, and every time I'm there - even if it's just for three days - I get her to cut my hair. Everyone in my family goes to her now, and she apparently got my dad to let her wax his eyebrows.
8. Despite the giant mess which is my room, I can and do organize the living daylights out of work situations.
9. I read basically all of How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household, the "Know Your Ingredients" sections of The Joy of Cooking, and a bunch of other books about keeping house when I was a young adolescent.
10. I have a blog.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe Section 3, Number 10 for a second.


hastang said...

you've got good taste in music :)..

North said...

oh come on. comment spam on a blog that 3 people read?